Solid Bar of dish soap with tin next to it

Solid Dish Soap

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Solid Dish Soap Bar - Zero Waste - Plastic Free - Vegan

** We are proud to be the Original maker of the All Natural, Solid Dish Soap in Tin, with Refill option. We hand make each of these soaps ourselves. 

Sparkling clean dishes! All without plastic, chemicals or fragrances! Our solid dish soap is a 7-8oz bar made just from coconut and castor oils with a touch of lemon and orange essential oil. That's it. Extremely effective and environmentally friendly, we are sure you'll love our dish soap!

Each bar comes in a reusable/recyclable tin. These soaps are poured right into the tin but after a few uses can be popped out if desired.
We also have the option of purchasing a refill soap with no packaging.

Just swipe your sponge across the top and wash!

The dish soap is 3 inches across, and approximately 1 & 3/4 inches thick.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, castor oil, water, lye, organic orange essential oil, lemon essential oil.