Seasons collection sampler set

Seasons collection sampler set

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There are only 2 of these and will only be 2 of these. Limit one package per customer. 


There are 34 different colors! I want to use 24 of them for the seasons collection, your job is to help me figure out what goes where! 

6 colors for each season (spring, summer, fall and winter) and a name for each color need chosen. 

I have already picked 5 of the 10 colors because the pigment powder is more chunky. I would like too see if you notice and can pick them out. 

Kit also comes with paper for you to sample the colors with. 

- 40 pieces of black watercolor paper, cut to 4x2 inches.

- 42 pieces of white watercolor paper, cut 4.5 x 2 inches.

Please number each one and spread out the paint, so you can see how they all look.

The kit will also come with 6 different sizes caligraphy water brushes, 3 flat brushes and 3 round brushes. 

I also included a pallette so you can mix the paints, thin them down or paint with them however you wish.

This is watercolor paint, it is made highly saturated working well for caligraphy and painting.