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A sachet is a pouch that holds dried lavender buds. The dried lavender buds release fresh lavender scent for years after harvested. Leave in your drawers to keep a fresh scent to your clothes and keep you feeling relaxed and refreshed all day long! Or put them in your storage containers to help fight that dusty old smell. Or leave one in your car to be the longest lasting air fresher you have ever had! The options are endless, I like to sleep with one in my pillow, where is your sachet?


The print you receive will be random. The more you order at once the more I will try to get them to match or get you a variety, just let me know in the comments if you want anything specific, I will do what I can for you! Again I do not control the scraps that I get. 


Spot wash with damp cloth, due to nature of product you don't want to wet the dried lavender buds, they may mold. 


I use high quality lavender harvested in France for my sachets. I love making these! I really get to high light certain parts of the print that we may not appreciate as much on a whole wrap or carrier!