Host a Diaper Party

What is a diaper party?

It is a family friendly event that you will help set up for, by providing the space and inviting the families. I will bring the tables if needed and all the products! It is a great time to get a lot of cloth diapering information!

 Who do I invite?

You can invite anyone that you would like, most commonly invited are families who already use cloth diapers, want to use cloth diapers, and families who are expecting and are thinking about cloth diapers.

What Do I need?

It’s pretty simple. I just need you to provide the space for me to set up tables for the products to be on.

Where will we have it?

We can have the party where ever you would like to as long as you have asked permission for us to be there, if it isn’t your home.

When is the best time to have the party?

Typically weekday evening work out best for me and other families that want to go. But I am willing to work with whatever your needs are. You know the people you invited better than I do, just let me know.

Why would I have a cloth diaper party?

Because you love cloth diapers and want to spread the love of cloth! Also because you will receive 10% in-store credit, so the more you invite the better the results are!