Cloth Diaper Consultations

Do you live in west/central Indiana? Do you want to know more about reusable diapers and prefer an in person experience? I have the best solution for you!

Yes I know it already sounds like an ad, but I truly started my business to help families.

Wanna know more?

Consulations are small met ups where the family and I (Jessi) get together to show you the different styles, answer your frequently asked questions and help you learn and grow to help make your decision to use cloth diapers.


Who gets consultations?

     Any Family with a little one on the way, or a baby already here.

What are consultations?

     It is a time for the family and Jessi to get together and be able to see what cloth diapers are! This is really an opportunity to be able to go to the store and ask questions to the associate working there. 


Where do consultations take place?