About The Changing Station

I started The Changing Station early 2019 after having my daughter in 2018. Before I had my daughter I was working full time retail management. Retail has been my life for 12+ years, for some crazy reason I enjoy retail work. I love being able to help individuals when they come in looking for specific items, and/or need help knowing how to use them. I enjoy helping all people. After having my daughter, my husband and I choose to avoid daycare and I would stay home with her during the week and keep a part time sales job on the weekends with my current employer. 

I had too much inspiration for my daughter to only work 1 part time job and opened The Changing Station in 2019 to be able to help families. You see there are no stores in my area to be able to look at cloth diapers. But I know if more people could see how they have been modernized they would want to help the earth! 

My goal is to help all families help the earth! I want families to be successful at using cloth diapers, when they want to use them.