Watercolor Paint Test Kit

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This kit is for anyone who wants to try *insert brand name* watercolor paints. This kit comes with everything you need to try the watercolor paint. 

This kit contains:

2 - 8x10 sheets of black watercolor paper 

2 - 8x10 sheets of white watercolor paper 

1 - 1 oz bottle of black puff paint 

1 - 1 oz bottle of black puff paint

1 - round brush

1 - flat brush 

6 - pigment watercolor paints in one pallet

1 - random painting from the A Dream or a Day art collection 


Story Time!

Why the kits? We would like to offer a way to let people test our *insert brand name* pigment watercolor paints, without having to go to the store for supplies.

Why are the prints in the kit? Great question! Watch this TikTok by Andrea Nelson - The artist behind A Day or a Dream Art. This video was the inspiration behind the original kit that was going to be made. 

Anyone who purchases these will be asked for your opinion and is welcome to join the *insert brand name* paint group on Facebook for updates! https://www.facebook.com/groups/754445932323595/?ref=share_group_link